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For the entry into India you need to obtain a visa prior to traveling. Visas may only be issued in your country of nationality or residency. You can easily apply for a visa at your local consulate. Normally it shouldn’t take more than ten days. Further information you get at or visit the homepage of the Indian embassy.

Flight Connections

Qatar Airways offers direct flights to Goa via Doha. Swiss International flies directly from Zurich. From November on Condor flies once a week from Frankfurt directly to Goa. If you fly via Mumbai there are plenty of airlines you can choose for a cheap fare. You will find many flights between Mumbai and Goa. Try or ixigo.comto get a cheap flight ticket. At Dabolim Airport you can hire a taxi to get to Agonda for a fixed rate of 1800 rupees. We offer pick up service for the same rate.

Money Change

There are plenty of currency exchange dealers located throughout Goa. We recommend that you bring sufficient €50 notes to exchange. Exchanging Travelers Cheques in India can be a hassle. ATMs (Cash Stations) accept most international credit cards. However, machines might not always be working when you need cash the most. Nearly every internet-shop is operating as Money Exchange as well. There you can get cash even with your EC card.

Food and Drink

Goa is a treasure trove of restaurants catering to Indian, Goan, Tibetan and Chinese Cuisine. A trip to Goa will not be complete without savoring on the region’s fresh fish. Foods are prepared in kitchens catering to an international clientele. Foods are washed with filtered water – so that even salads can be eaten safely.

Although the Indian kitchen is quite spicy and rich, it can usually be eaten without too much ado. Several good beers and wines are available in Goa. However, no evening should be concluded without having the popular dark rum “Old Monk”. Filtered water is available everywhere for sale.


We recommend that you have an international Driver’s Permit, available from most national automobile clubs, if you intend on driving or riding a motorcycle in India. Guests may rent the legendary Endfield as well as Hondas or scooters from local dealers. Taxis and rickshaws can also be hired, for simple transportation or on an hourly or daily basis at reasonable rates.

Rail Connections

Naturally, you may also want to consider taking a more adventurous Indian train trip to Agonda. In that case your final destination is Margao. and for fares and schedules. Taxis are available at the Margao train station to take you to Agonda (approximately one hour ride).


Vaccinations are not mandatory for traveling to India. However we recommend you consult your personal physician to make an educated decision about malaria and hepatitis vaccines. Make sure that your tetanus and polio vaccinations are up-to-date. Other than your usual medication, we recommend you bring pills against fever, diarrhea and stomach symptoms as well as creams against itching caused by mosquito bites.


During the travel season, daytime temperatures average at 35 degrees. Evening temperatures differ in the summer and winter months. Evening temperatures in winter (December/January) can get as low as 18 degrees. In the summer (February through April), they can get as high as 28 degrees.